What Can You Expect From Us?

We aim to quickly assimilate ourselves in to your business, grasp your objectives and challenges and make sound recommendations that feel right. That’s not to say we won’t push any boundaries, we’ll make suggestions where we think it’s right and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure we deliver. Our general approach when we start working with you is:

  • Have an informal chat - no cost/no obligation so we can get an idea of what you're looking for
  • A summary of your brief - no cost/no obligation summary of our recommendations with outline costs
  • A project brief - once you give us the go ahead, we'll give you detailed costings of the work associated with the project with timescales, resources, project management and contingency activities included
  • Communication - agreed ways of communicating progress
  • Project review - did the project deliver the objectives - we'll summarise the work we did 



We think it's important to give the people we work with - clients, associates, colleagues and peers - some insight into the qualities that we think are key to success. 


  • Trust – it’s the only way an effective business relationship can work so it’s top of the list
  • Expertise – we’re the best at what we do and if we can’t do it we’ll say so
  • Results driven – we always agree a way we’ll be measured by what we do
  • Honesty and transparency – there’s never anything hidden in the way we work
  • Value – we can always show you where and how we’re adding value
  • Pride – we take a real pride in everything we do so it’s always accurate, on time, on brief and on budget.
  • Professionalism – see above!


MD Jo Fletcher-Lee

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